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The Financial Burden

To those who have been connected to Kippen church over the years the building and its contents are obvious sources of great pleasure and pride. But it is no light matter that a small village community in central Scotland should have inherited for its use, a sanctuary of such importance and artistic joy. The responsibility that goes with such an inheritance is not insignificant. On several occasions in the recent past the Kirk Session has reflected almost with despair that perhaps some of the burden could be shed by passing on some of Kippenís treasures to the care of one or another of Scotlandís great national museums or galleries.

So far, such a temptation has been resisted and up to now a way has always been found of retaining the various pieces in a manner that is in keeping with the wishes of Cameron and his contemporaries. However, the truth is that in the longer term it will only be possible to continue to fulfil that trust if the people of Kippen and the wider community (of all faiths and of none) are prepared to will the means to ensure that the legacy is maintained and improved and passed on to the next generation. This is the aim of The Friends of Kippen Kirk Trust.


To become a member of The Friends of Kippen Kirk Trust, please send your address and contact details to:

The Treasurer
Friends of Kippen Trust
c/o Kippen Parish Church
Fore Road, Kippen
Stirlingshire FK8 3DT

Minimum subscriptions are:

  • ordinary membership: £20 per annum per person
  • family membership: £40 per annum per family
  • life membership: £150 per person or £250 per family
  • unwaged or retired membership: £15 per annum per person
All cheques should be made payable to Friends of Kippen Kirk Trust.
Friends of Kippen Kirk Trust is a Scottish Registered Charity No. SC034541.