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An Art Treasure House

In the period from 1924 to 1936 Kippen Church was transformed from being an unremarkable Presbyterian Kirk into one of the most beautiful of Scotlandís religious buildings. Moreover it was from that time that it came to house an outstanding and growing collection of art treasures.

The Reconstruction of the Building

The reconstruction of the building was undertaken theoretically in celebration of its centenary, but the wider opportunities provided by the task were eagerly seized by the distinguished artist, Sir David (D.Y.) Cameron (1865-1945), of Dun Eaglais, who was at the time a member of the Kirk Session. A Director of both the National Gallery of Scotland and the Tate Gallery, Sir David was Kingís Painter and Limner in Scotland and his contacts and influence extended throughout the artistic community of his day. Always impatient with the austerity of the Presbyterian tradition, he was determined to produce an outcome to the renovation that would display to the full the best of the art and crafts of his day. While the basic background work of reconstruction in stone, wood panelling and wrought iron was accomplished by local craftsmen, artists of national and international reputation were thereafter brought into play by Sir David to ensure that the possibilities of the setting were exploited to the highest standard.
Friends of Kippen Kirk Trust is a Scottish Registered Charity No. SC034541.